Bombom Irrésistible Toranja

Irrésistible Grapefruit

Leonidas PortugalApril 18, 2022

Irresistibles: four fruity flavors deliciously refreshing .

The Irresistible Grapefruit is filled with pink grapefruit-flavored buttercream in a marbled milk chocolate shell.


A limited-edition Spring bursting with fruity flavours.

In Leonidas, we celebrate spring and the arrival of those beautiful sunny days with the return of our irresistibles – Available for a limited time! Impossible to resist its  fruity and refined flavors.



sugar, powdered fat milk , cocoa butter, milk cream, cocoa paste, glucose syrup, butter , anhydrous, water, inverted sugar, honey, scent, acidifier (citric acid), emulsifier ( soy lecithin), concentrated grapefruit juice, thickeners (agar-agar). ágar, pectin, gum (xanthan), color additive: beet red, anthocyanin


  • Without nuts
  • Gluten free
  • No sulfites
  • Vegetarian

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