Premium Christmas Box


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Cocoa Butter

Palm oil


Premium white Christmas box filled with a selection of 42 assorted Christmas bonbons.

Filled with a selection of Christmas baubles and tree-shaped candies.


Leonidas Christmas trees are available in 5 intoxicating combinations:

- Dark chocolate with tangerine ganache filling;

- Milk chocolate with praline coffee macaron filling;

- Marbled chocolate with almond cream filling;

- White chocolate with cranberry ganache filling;

- Red dark chocolate with brownie crumble filling;


The Christmas balls are available in a combination of 6 flavors:

- Dark chocolate with dark chocolate praline

- Milk chocolate with hazelnut paste

- Milk chocolate with salted caramel

- Milk chocolate with sparkling praline

- Milk chocolate with biscuit praline

- White chocolate with white chocolate praline and puffed rice