White Chocolate Bar with Mocha Pearls 50g


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Cocoa Butter

Palm oil


EN White Chocolate Bar with Mocha Pearls. (50g)

White Mocha Pearls

The White Chocolate Bar with Mocha Pearls is filled with crunchy coffee beans (mocha) and covered with a creamy white chocolate. A tasty bar traditionally made with 100% pure cocoa butter . 



Sugar, cocoa butter, milkfat in powder, granulated sugar (10%) (sugar, caramelized sugar, natural flavoring, glucose syrup, sunflower oil, glazing agent: beeswax), milk  emskinny powder, emulsifier: lecithins, natural vanilla flavor.

With:white chocolate (min. 25% cocoa solids, min. 24%  < /span>milk )

  • Alcohol free
  • No peanuts
  • No eggs
  • Sulfate free

May contain traces of tree nuts, milk products, gluten (wheat) and soy.

Store in a cool, dry place. Consume preferably before: see in print. Product made in Belgium.